St. Casimir’s fair

Every year at the beginning of March Vilnius oldtown is crowded: annual fair takes place in every corner of this spectacular city, included in Unesco list. St.Casimir’s Fair has old traditions as it is held since 1604. It is a traditional fair not only for Vilnius: people not only from Lithuania but also from neighbor countries take part as participants or as visitors. Fair counts hundred thousands of visitors which come to the capital of Lithuania.

Fair is named after st. Casimir – patron of Lithuania. It is one of the biggest and most famous calendar feasts. Folk traditions and crafts are in focus during this fair. Visitors not only are invited to have fun taking part in various events, listen to folk music but as well are offered to have a chat with craftsmen, buy their handmade products, taste and purchase traditional drinks and food.

SC “Dzukija” also took part in this spectacular St. Caimir;s Fair. Visitors could taste and buy our highest quality handmade products such as Tartar pie, 100 leaves pie (“Simtalapis” in Lithuanian), buns, rolls with poppy seeds, raisins and much more.