Since 1984 is one of the largest confectionery manufacturing companies in Lithuania

About 90 employees work here

Production premises cover 4000 square meters

“Dzūkija” Ltd was founded in 1965. The company is of the largest biscuit manufacturers in Lithuania. About 90 employees work here, and the production premises cover 4000 square meters. Modern machinery and equipment in our production department allow us to daily produce up 10 tons of different kinds of pastry: biscuits, tree cakes (Baumkuchen), pies, tarts and other gourmets. In order to offer our gourmet customers to taste traditional and modern pastry, we implement new original recipes, created in cooperation with foreign specialists. To produce our pastry, we use only raw materials of the highest quality. We have a chain of pastry shops.

Our products and specialities include:

• Shortbread dough biscuits and pies of different shapes with / or without filling. Liquid dough biscuits of all kinds, sugar biscuits, puff pastry biscuits;
• Traditional spit cake, also named as tree cake (Baumkuchen);
• Holiday cake. Special orders are accepted;
• Wafer rolls;
• Chocolate and different kinds of icing. We make authentic black chocolate and all kinds of confectionery icing, chocolate bars, figures, dried fruits in chocolate, etc;

The company was approved for being qualified for the ISO 22000:2018 standart. We have implemented the HACCP system in the company.